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And of those 15 shots on goal, 11 were fired in the second half as Williamsport started playing a bit more aggressive against the Warriors.played to that level. We were playing very slow (in the first half). We were playing good offense, but we kept pressuring and shooting, Williamsport senior Abigail Berthold said. The purpose of the observation was to… Read more →

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Novel windows technologies would meet the requirements of the Code for Sustainable Homes and those of commercial buildings.The study on development of novel window systems is carried on from the current window technologies and includes:(1) Computer modelling results show U values about 0.59 W/m2K for double wall vacuum tube window, 0.61 W/m2K for single wall vacuum tube window. Laboratory measurements… Read more →

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A wave finite element (WFE) and finite element (FE) based computational method is presented by which the dispersion properties as well as the wave interaction coefficients for one dimensional structural system can be predicted. The structural system is discretized as a system comprising a number of waveguides connected by a coupling joint. Uniform nodes are ensured at the interfaces of… Read more →

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We then implement the trained random forest predictors back into GEOS Chem to replace the numerical integrator. The machine learning driven GEOS Chem model compares well to the standard simulation. For O3, error from using the random forests grow slowly and after 5 days the normalised mean bias (NMB), root mean square error (RMSE) and R2 are 4.2%, 35%, 0.9… Read more →

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The National Grid Foundation is a non profit charitable organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life, economic strength and environmental stewardship in National Grid service territory. The Foundation mission is to create opportunities for solutions to today educational and environmental challenges. By awarding grants to non profit organizations, the Foundation inspires and serves as a catalyst to a shared… Read more →

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The “Support and Development of Women” was revealed as the new community focus area. When discussing the issue, new JLP President Robyn Grandy said, “We’re good at tackling big issues. The Junior League was made for this.”In her remarks, President Grandy spoke about what makes the Junior League different and how our membership can “make it matter.” She said, “It… Read more →

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Proof of liability Insurance 14. Be registered with DUNS, ORCA and list your TIN number. 15. The method of superposition is proposed in combination with a sparse 1 optimisation algorithm with the aim of finding a sparse basis to accurately reconstruct the structural vibrations of a radiating object from a set of acoustic pressure values on a conformal surface in… Read more →

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