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Inability to maintain existing identities or create new ones fuelled feelings of isolation. Participants also reported rejection/avoidance of social identities to maximise their benefits. This study is the first to apply the Social Identity Approach to the experience of immigration detention.. Ditto for Richie James, who caught a nine yard touchdown pass today. Both he and Bourne flashed promise for… Read more →

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However, a study of elite families and mountain society from the antebellum period to the end of the Civil War has undermined the myth of a mountain culture. Mountain elites served as the mouthpiece and driver for economic, social, and political development in their communities across the region throughout the antebellum period. This development continued until part way through the… Read more →

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Theoretically, removal of testicles and supplementation of estrogen and progesterone before the pelvic bones are set should result in the typically female shape. We all have more or less the same bones as children, and it’s adolescent development that determines the wide flat pelvis, narrow jaw, flatter forehead, etc. That are associated with the female skeleton.. As units arrived they… Read more →

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Insurance is in the headlines. Like never before. Soon, people who may never have had health insurance will be required to buy it. It may be inevitable in the design and analysis of most high temperature components (such as power industry pipe work) that variations in load and/or temperature will occur in normal operation. This presents complications in the prediction… Read more →

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Two met years ago through Sarnia Photography Club. Spaulding was a retired Western University professor; Coupland was a former accountant. Even now, they consider themselves amateur photographers, despite the quality of the work hanging in the Lawrence House.. The late Danny Blaine pub now is known simply as Danny Blaine’s. It is located at 1384 Bay St. In Shore Acres..… Read more →

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No major injuries were reported, but at least five people on scene at the time of the explosion were treated for symptoms of shock. No one was inside the apartment. At the time, nearly 100 residents were evacuated from the area.. We examine system definitions of the nature of need, approved food choices, the reification of selected skills associated with… Read more →

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Throughout history, participation has been a term closely related to transgression and the democratisation and the balance of the inequalities in society. Participation has continued being a major concept in the digital age where ‘participatory culture’, a culture where audiences get the framework, knowledge and tools to take part in the creation and production of content, has becoming more popular… Read more →

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