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Penicillatus type and Paratanytarsus sp.). After the late 1990s, further decreases in major elements and increases in median grain size are attributed to the erosion of the Yangtze riverbed and declining supply of major elements enriched sediments from the upper Yangtze caused by the impoundment of the Three Gorges Dam. Chironomid and diatom assemblages indicate that hydrological stabilization caused by… Read more →

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For regular grids we perform a comparative analysis against more standard techniques, in which the convolution integral is computed either by using Fourier based methods or via the trapezoidal rule. Perhaps surprisingly, we find that on regular, periodic meshes, linear collocation displays better convergence properties than quadratic collocation, and is in fact comparable with the spectral convergence displayed by both… Read more →

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CHICAGO () A gunman shot a doctor to death outside a Chicago hospital on Monday before storming the facility and killing a pharmaceutical assistant and a police officer during an exchange of gunfire and dying in the rampage, officials said.The shooter knew the doctor he shot outside Mercy Hospital, Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson told a news conference, describing the… Read more →

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Generating growth is one thing. Sustaining it is another. Tennessee has no income tax great starter for attracting businesses and new residents but not a great finisher for raising large sums for public sector investment, particularly for education, a longtime area of concern. This I pray in Your Name. Amen and Amen.”Had he been in the Spirit, he would said… Read more →

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Matched only by Ellington for longevity of innovation, Miles Davis was still breaking new paths at an age when it’s appropriate to spend much of your time regretting pivotal failures while looking for your keys. A few chronological peaks: The breezy but substantial experiments Davis pursued in 1949 and ’50 with Gil Evans and others can be collected on single… Read more →

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A Twisted Plot?With the CDC as confused as the general public, crackpot theories regarding the origins of the disease began to emerge. Some insisted that nickel carbonyl intoxication was the cause. Wilder allegations included conspiracy theories that communists or pharmaceutical companies were conspiring to wipe out American veterans. Consider this: Had the NHL simply returned to its usual summer rhythm… Read more →

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