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Accidents in nuclear power plants happen for a variety of reasons; they are most commonly a result of human errors and faulty equipment. Even power plants that provide the strictest of safety measures can not be considered one hundred percent full proof. Safety measures do not account for the unforeseen or for human error.. Find the first 2 digit number… Read more →

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Robert McDonnell, whose term as Virginia Governor ended ten days ago, is charged with illegally taking a Rolex watch, expensive vacations and big loans from an executive of a company trying to get special treatment from the state. McDonnell’s wife Maureen allegedly received designer clothes and also borrowed money from businessman Jonnie Williams. Williams paid the bill for the McDonnell’s… Read more →

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(Photo: AP)FILE In this Nov. 8, 2017 file photo, Vice President Mike Pence speaks in Floresville, Texas. Pence will be keynoting two days of Republican Governors Association meetings beginning Wednesday, Nov. Progress has been made, and this event a couple weeks ago was a failure. Also admitted his first response to the incident was beyond belief asked if he regretted… Read more →

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At the end of the trial, these variables were once more evaluated. The pre test and post test results were evaluated through a student paired test.Eating lots of raw garlic is good forthe bodyThe research team found that the risk factors of metabolic syndrome went down by a large margin in participants who consumed raw crushed garlic. The patients demonstrated… Read more →