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Environmental factors may determine whether a mate or die system emerges. For example, chimpanzees are a particularly homicidal (chimpacidal?) species, Carrier said. Work by primatologist Richard Wrangham at Harvard University and colleagues finds that chimp “wars” arise from a chimpanzee’s territorialism. Only mutations mapping precisely to the KIR (P348L and G351 A) were associated with a loss of Keap1 binding… Read more →

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Any attempt to derail this discussion, delete this discussion, close this discussion, or to do anything that would go against Wikiversity:Consensus will be met with blocks as assured by multiple admin who will be watching these proceedings. SB Johnny’s inappropriate blocks before and his used of others to meatpuppet and join in his harassment of Wikiversity members makes these measures… Read more →

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Christopher Hill, dean of DU Josef Korbel School of International Studies, described the Sies as pillars of the community. They have used their acumen and their passion in ways that have benefited many people and organizations here in Colorado and around the globe. Accepting the award, John Sie said that he and his wife that robust relations amongst nations, based… Read more →