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Protein transduction domains (PTDs) are powerful nongenetic tools that allow intracellular delivery of conjugated cargoes to modify cell behavior. Their use in biomedicine has been hampered by inefficient delivery to nuclear and cytoplasmic targets. Here we overcame this deficiency by developing a series of novel fusion proteins that couple a membrane docking peptide to heparan sulfate glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) with a… Read more →

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A number of papers in recent years have covered specific aspects of the technology, including sensor design optimization, sensor characteristic analysis, signal de noising and practical applications of the technology. This paper provides a review of the recent research and of the development of electrostatic monitoring technology, with a primary emphasis on its application for the aero engine gas path.… Read more →

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What started as an investigation into laser processing for the creative industries has become more a mission to charter this relatively unknown territory, crystallising the astounding visual and anecdotal in uences encountered on the way, all of them treasured gems that I hope will offer a positive contribution to the current art/science debate. For this reason I have also prof… Read more →

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Notably, the Commission antitrust chief,Margrethe Vestager who has shown an appetite to take on big tech, and has so far fined Google twice ($2.7BNfor Google Shopping and staggering $5BN for Android), and who is continuing to probe its business on a number of fronts while simultaneouslyeyeing other platforms use of data is scheduled to give a keynote at an annual… Read more →

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