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The behavior of cyclists is unpredictable to drivers. The behavior of drivers is also unpredictable to cyclists. For example: I was biking down William a few days ago when a guy in a parked car opened his door right in my path. This life cycle assessment measured environmental impacts of selective laser melting, to determine where most impacts arise: machine… Read more →

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Over the weekend we reported on a statement released by NVIDIA regarding recent concern over unusual VRAM allocation and VRAM bandwidth performance from the GeForce GTX 970. In brief, various GTX 970 owners had observed that the GTX 970 was prone to topping out its reported VRAM allocation at 3.5GB rather than 4GB, and that meanwhile the GTX 980 was… Read more →

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The facets of the Portuguese business angel “reality” that this research reveals, along with the evidence it offers with respect to analysing certain contrasts between Portuguese business angels against their UK based colleagues, is unique among the current literature. The term business angel refers to an informal investor: a private, wealthy individual willing to invest a part of their own… Read more →

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Methods: We undertook a study of a representative sample of the General Population Cohort in South western Uganda. We systematically collected data on cardiovascular disease risk factors, anthropometric measurements and blood tests including haemoglobin, HIV, HbA1c and serum creatinine. The estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) was calculated using the CKD Epi formula, without the race component of the equation.. ,… Read more →

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Most people tend to think of calcium as only having one purpose, and that is supporting bone health. And certainly, calcium is critical for having good bone density, but calcium is also critical for your nervous system and nerve function, which makes it essential for cardiovascular health. In other words, if you don’t have enough calcium, your heart cannot contract… Read more →

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As a nation, you can outlaw that, but all you’re going to do is criminalize citizens of our society who should never be criminalized. They’re just seeking honest, affordable health care. They just want a procedure that they can afford. Molina Healthcare, headquartered in Long Beach, CA, provides health services to individuals and families who receive their healthcare through Medicaid,… Read more →