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The Contractor shall comply with IHS facility infection control and safety procedures, practices and standards. Federal Tort Claims Act coverage for medical related claims is extended to the individual providing. However, the services must have been performed within the scope of the personal services contract.. Therefore, they were not atoms, but a new particle, the first subatomic particle to be… Read more →

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Originally diagnosed with SLE (Lupus), I was cautious in making changes due to the unpredictable nature of the disease. Years later, the label was changed by my doctor to mixed connective tissue disease as the classes of autoimmune diseases often overlap. Through the years, I dealt with a lung problem that resolved itself and more recently, inflammation that affects my… Read more →

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It an apt description for Gottesman, who oversees a staff of 65 people. Recently, his managerial leadership was honored with a 2014 Ray Kroc Award, which recognizes the top 1% of restaurant managers at both independently owned and operated franchise restaurants and McDonald corporately owned restaurants across the United States. Named after McDonald legendary founder, the award also celebrates employees… Read more →

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The aim of this study was to formally evaluate, qualitatively, the ability of existing recording systems to generate accurate and reliable estimates of the frequency of selected health conditions in the dairy herd of Great Britain. Fifty nine recording systems were identified, of which 36 had their key characteristics defined through a web based questionnaire. Nineteen of them were further… Read more →

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Thermodynamic analyses are then carried out for the conversions from compressed air to liquid air (forward process) and from liquid air to compressed air (reverse process), with notional heat pump and heat engine systems, respectively. Preliminary results indicate that provided the heat pump/heat engine systems are highly efficient, a roundtrip efficiency of 53% can be obtained. Immediate future work will… Read more →

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The raw dairy industry is currently under assault in America as armed government agents in California, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania have conducted violent raids on raw milk producers, destroying their milk inventory and charging them with felony crimes for producing and distributing raw milk. Food and Drug Administration, such claims automatically turn milk into an “unapproved drug,” meaning the FDA should… Read more →

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