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To conduct the meta analysis, data from non clinical studies regarding mean age and gender proportion, geographical study location and screening instrument used to assess CBB were extracted by multiple independent observers and evaluated using a random effects model. Four a priori subgroups were analysed using pooled estimation (Cohen’s Q) and covariate testing (moderator and meta regression analysis). Results: The… Read more →

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Chairman of Energy and Finance for New York State Richard L. Kauffman said, “The Solarize campaigns are helping communities transition to more sustainable energy practices, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and lowering costs. Under Governor Cuomo comprehensive NY Sun initiative, New York is driving affordable, clean energy solutions to create healthier, stronger neighborhoods across the State.”. A membrane based liquid desiccant… Read more →

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Proton M Launch, Baikonur Aerodrome, July 2, 2013. The Proton M is the Russian Space program’s workhorse for unmanned payloads. On this day, the Navigation, Guidance, and Control System failed momentsafter launch. Mixed modelling revealed no significant between groups difference in the incidence of AMS (Odds Rationitrate vs. Control: 1.16 (95% CI: 0.59; 2.29)). Physiological changes occurring during ascent to… Read more →

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4 MB, PDF documentPublication detailsJournalACS OmegaDateAccepted/In press 8 Mar 2019DatePublished (current) 23 May 2019Issue number5Volume4Number of pages15Pages (from to)8892 8906Original languageEnglishAbstractWe describe our work to establish structure and fragment based drug discovery to identify small molecules that inhibit the anti apoptotic activity of the proteins Mcl 1 and Bcl 2. This identified hit series of compounds, some of which were… Read more →

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However, thankfully for the Belle, there were those who were dedicated enough to the preservation of war heritage to come to her aid. The next nine years saw various parties struggling to raise enough funds to restore the Memphis Belle. Finally, after a relentless fundraising effort by a local businessman called Frank Donofrio, the City of Memphis agreed to allocate… Read more →

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Do not italicize any other rank. Be mindful not to italicize things like “var.”, “sect.”, “subsp.”, etc. (this is easily taken care of by using the appropriate template).. However, the effects of initial domestication events can be inferred from consistent differences between traditional landraces and their wild progenitors.We studied how domestication increased the yields of Fertile Crescent cereals and pulses… Read more →

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What I’ve been arguing for are modest remedies, applied with civility and caution and respect. Two of the three custodians who supported the block are now gone, JWS’s nemesis, Adambro, resigned, and Ottava was desysopped. Both of them had, in my view, harassed JWS.My detailed review of the situation with JWS and the specific topic ban proposal is at [2].… Read more →

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The compact RC network consisting of 115 R and C parameters to predict the transient junction temperatures of the 6 MOSFETS was constructed, where cross heating effects between the MOSFETs are represented with lateral thermal resistors. A three step curve fitting method was especially developed to overcome the challenge for extracting the R and C values of the RC network… Read more →

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Greg’s artwork is familiar to residents of the Memphis area over the past twenty five years. He has illustrated advertising for FedEx, The Memphis Flyer, The Peabody, Rock 103, The Grizzlies, Redbirds, Shoney’s, Perkins, The Memphis Zoo, Jack Pirtle’s Chicken, Keras Chevrolet, and hundreds more businesses. Because of his work on the syndicated comic strip The Buckets, he was allowed… Read more →

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As one of the 48 constellation included in the Almagest, it is now one of the 88 modern constellations recognized by the IAU. Located in the southern sky, this constellation is bordered by the Antlia, Carina, Circinus, Crux, Hydra, Libra, Lupus, Musca, and Vela constellations.Name and Meaning:In classic Greco Roman mythology, Centaurus is often associated with Chiron the Centaur the… Read more →

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