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G. And Banaschewski, Tobias and Barker, Gareth J. And Bokde, Arun L. In this follow up interview, questions were shaped by events and elements in the story that were of particular interest and were then able to be explored further. With the other participant a full weekend of discussion followed the interview, which brought in other family members, reflections and… Read more →

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Curiosity looks back eastward to ‘Dingo Gap’ sand dune inside Gale Crater. After crossing over the 3 foot (1 meter) tall dune on Sol 539, Feb. 9, 2014 the rover drove westward into the ‘Moonlight Valley’. Everything I’ve said to the coaches, to everyone who’s questioned me about it, I’ve been honest and up front from the very beginning. 55.… Read more →

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“Children and teens are being chemically assaulted by psychiatric medications,” explained Mike Adams (“Amethios”), the creator and performer of the song. “While school officials, parents and even television ads encourage children to take chemical medications to normalize their behavior, this song challenges that dangerous, false programming with a new message that says you’re perfectly fine to be who you really… Read more →

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She was a skilled producer, and organised a number of successful tours for the Abbey in Britain. But she detested the politicisation of the theatre and was nave about Irish politics. She was resented in Dublin and sidelined. TV6: First things first what is Idea Factory? Is this just Davenport focused? Or Quad City focused? Olson: Idea Factory is a… Read more →

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Secretary of Transportation, Mary E. Peters. According to Secretary Peters, she’s pushing twenty first century proposals, so she decided that she’d better communicate in a twenty first century way. The British Greeting Cards Association warned that thousands of jobs were threatened. Ray Cousins, chairman of the association, said, “We are merely a pawn in a much bigger game. Greetings cards… Read more →

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