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The cluster itself is very attractive, but look closely in the telescope and you will see it also contains two double stars Struve 484 and Struve 485!The large but faint northern constellation Camelopardalis. NGC 2403 is a spiral galaxy discovered by William Herschel that belongs to the M81 galaxy group. At around 8 million light years from Earth, larger telescopes… Read more →

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Bean’s arrest followed the arrest earlier Wednesday of his former criminal defense attorney, Derek Ashton, on an identical computer crime charge. The prosecution has said in court documents that Ashton carried out the deed for Bean. After posting $3,000 bail. In the shadow of the revered mountain rise huge monoliths, drab concrete tower blocks far removed from the glittering glass… Read more →

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A similar K+ channel dependence was identified for other bunyaviruses namely Schmallenberg virus (Orthobunyavirus) as well as the more distantly related Hazara virus (Nairovirus). Using a rational pharmacological screening regimen, twin pore domain K+ channels (K2P) were identified as the K+ channel family mediating BUNV K+ channel dependence. As several K2P channel modulators are currently in clinical use, our work… Read more →

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How can we uncover overlapping communities from complex networks to understand the inherent structures and functions? Chen et al. Firstly proposed a community game (Game) to study this problem, and the overlapping communities have been discovered when the game is convergent. It is based on the assumption that each vertex of the underlying network is a rational game player to… Read more →