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Fetal kidneys were additionally obtained from prostaglandin synthase 2 homozygous null or heterozygous (PTGS2 / and PTGS2 /+) embryos and grown in culture. Kidney cross sectional area was used to determine treatment effects on kidney growth. Whole mount labelling to fluorescently detect laminin enabled crude determination of epithelial branching using confocal microscopy.. Staff was gracious, informative and friendly. Course was… Read more →

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GPS is the positioning tool of choice for a wide variety of applications where accurate (cm level or less) positions are required. However GPS is susceptible to a variety of errors that degrade both the quality of the position solution and the availability of these solutions. The contribution of additional observations from other GNSS systems may improve the quality of… Read more →

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Such a choice would send a powerful signal to Labor that the Greens couldn be taken for granted. It wouldn come without significant potential costs for the Greens. ALP preferences contributed to Greens Senators winning seats in Queensland and Western Australia in 2010, and Labor would certainly retaliate by directing their own preferences to another party. Sightings would continue throughout… Read more →

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The Alexandria Police Department received two of the mounted cameras through a Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments grant within the past year, officials said.Let say I had a particular spot that kept getting hit with people breaking into cars, said Capt. Tammy Hooper. I have limited resources to have people out there all the time and the camera could be… Read more →