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The MCASTBTEC formative assessment system was deemed harder to get used to but fairer than the exam based system. At MCAST students felt free to make their own choices and weretreated as adults.Work placement experience for students seems to influence course choice. Full time workers ex students) indicated that they were given a lot of training, and that work was… Read more →

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Additional Information:We propose a 3D micro and nanofabrication method with potential applications to several nanotechnology related fields. Our approach is based on the combination of lithographic steps and isotropic wet etchings performed on a quartz or glass substrate to form 3D structures with very accurate shape control and nanometer scale surface roughness. The resulting concavities at the quartz surface are… Read more →

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Dhiab case gained notoriety this year when his attorneys challenged the force feeding method applied by Guantanamo’s jailers against him and other hunger strikers. Judge Gladys Kessler ordered the disclosure of 28 classified videotapes recording the forced cell extraction and forced feeding of Dhiab. Public “to see what is going on at the prison today, so they will understand why… Read more →

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In spite of the Egyptian government apparently is one of the first governments of the developing countries to realize this problem and to sign the Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. However, as Egyptian residents, we are very unaware of these efforts. The vast majority of Egyptians may not even understand the meaning of the… Read more →

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Instead of the swimming pool and gym included in many developments, Park One will have a 5500sq m park with a running track and outdoor cinema, residents lounge and rooftop skygarden with a barbecue terrace.The pet friendly development proximity to Macquarie Business Park, railways and a major retail precinct is attracting young professionals, according to marketing and sales director Dandan… Read more →

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Not an issue whether medical marijuana is legal or not, Washougal Mayor Sean Guard said, pointing to Senate Bill 5073. Question has to do with the collective farms and what areas they should be in. Chris Gregoire axed portions of proposed legislation allowing dispensaries for medical marijuana. Item Type:ArticleItem Status:Live ArchiveAbstractPerceived growth in the adventure recreation sport of canyoning in… Read more →

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Artist’s conception of what Cygnus’ figure looks like, against the backdrop of stars that make up the constellation. Credit: Wendy Stenzel (first published on NASA Kepler website)It could be king Cycnus, a relative of Phaethon, son of Apollo, who crashed dear old dad’s fiery sky chariot and died. Cygcus was believed to have driven up and down the starry river… Read more →

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