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Woodstock is characterized as being the cumulating event of all the major experiences uniquely defining the baby boom generation’s evolution to that point.Klein, Naomi. No Logo. Highlights in brief Woodstock ’94 and the associated news media coverage while lamenting the overtly commercialization of the Woodstock ethos. Item Type:ArticleItem Status:Live ArchiveAbstractMatching occluded and noisy shapes is a frequently encountered problem in… Read more →

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The clothing consisted of a blue outfit. Historically, a typical nurse uniform consisted of a dress, pinafore apron and nurse’s cap. A nurse’s cap or nursing cap is part of the female nurse’s uniform, introduced early in the history of the profession. The use of corpus linguistic techniques and other related mathematical analyses have rarely, if ever, been applied to… Read more →

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Spending time in nature reverses depression at so many levels it’s almost difficult to overstate the benefits. Sunlight exposure beats back depression at the hormonal level. Breathing fresh air that’s filled with negative ions from trees and plants prevents depression at a bioelectric level. Method: Detailed file reviews provided clinical, offending and risk data for a large representative sample of… Read more →

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