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In addition to chemical weapons storage in the igloos, the Department of Defense also has 11 mustard containing bottles used several decades ago in a campaign to determine the efficacy of the mustard agent. The actual concentration of hazardous waste constituents which may pose a risk to workers as a vapor will be determined. The agreement includes a timeline for… Read more →

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Dan Patrick, Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson and Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples. No Democrats entered the race yet, although Sen. Leticia Van de Putte has said she is contemplating a run.. Instead, Mermell/Sanchez chose a raw power play: they implemented the previously undisclosed final bodycamera policy on the same day that bodycameras were deployed to officers. There was no transparency, no… Read more →

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In the subsequent experimental study, we recorded the PLR of 25 adult participants to light flashes generated by the screen set up as well as by a conventional LED set up. PLR parameters relating to parasympathetic and sympathetic activity were calculated from the pupil responses. We tested the split half reliability across two consecutive blocks of trials, and the relationships… Read more →

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After many months of campaigning and much speculation we now know Andy Street will be the West Midlands Mayor for the next three years. Notwithstanding central government commitment to strengthening accountable, local leadership through the introduction of Metro Mayors, they have not yet delegated many major powers. The convening power of the Mayor will be much more significant than his… Read more →

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That more people aren’t engaged in a massive outcry against this also shows the extreme desensitization of the public which has already been achieved. Had this event happened just a decade ago, the national media would have been in an uproar. That it happened in 2011, during an era when the TSA routinely conducts illegal molestations of air travelers, apparently… Read more →

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Purpose: To demonstrate the impact of psychological morbidity one month post injury on subsequent post injury quality of life (HRQoL) in a general injury population in the UK to inform development of trauma care and rehabilitation services.Methods: Multicentre cohort study of 16 70 year olds admitted to 4 UK hospitals following injury. Psychological morbidity and HRQoL (EQ 5D 3L) were… Read more →

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SABRE’s challenge is to compress the atmospheric oxygen to about 140 atmospheres before introducing it into the engine’s combustion chambers. But compressing the oxygen to that degree raises its temperature so much that it would melt the engines. The solution to that is to cool the air with a pre cooling heat exchanger, to the point where it’s almost a… Read more →

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