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Some of the rubble ended up on the beaches that lined the peninsula.The official term for these beads is Fallout Debris (MFD), referring to the name of the peninsula. However, many people call them (Related: What you need to know about nuclear power in America.)The vaporized rubble of Hiroshima turned into glass beads that scattered across a peninsulaRetired researcher Mario… Read more →

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Today she still suffers from residual seizure disorder. Government to provide blanket immunity to the drug companies while still offering settlement payouts for parents whose children are damaged by vaccines. Since being formed in 1986, this court has paid out $1.9 billion to parents whose children were damaged by vaccines.. You got that right, girl. Hey, we made national news… Read more →

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Item Type:ArticleItem Status:Live ArchiveAbstractThin Lie algebras are Lie algebras over a field, graded over the positive integers and satisfying a certain narrowness condition. In particular, all homogeneous components have dimension one or two, and are called diamonds in the latter case. The first diamond is the component of degree one, and the second diamond can only occur in degrees 3,… Read more →

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It’s pretty obvious that most responders in this aren’t hard or hearing and I think you’re getting some blunt answers because of your age. I’m not personally comfortable disclosing that I’m hard of hearing to every random person who mumbles at me. Hearing aides are wonderful and have improved my quality of life but they’re not miracle workers and can… Read more →

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