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AMD pegs the MI25 as being almost 2 times faster than TITAN X Maxwell in DeepBench GEMM operations, and in the same press release, touts the symbiosis between their INSTINCT line of computing accelerators and the ZEN “Naples” platform as being optimized for GPU and Accelerator Throughput computing, with lower system costs, a lower latency architecture, peer to peer communication,… Read more →

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The silhouette of the distant hills above helped readers cinch the location as Dockweiler Beach. Image courtesy of Meagan AbellA few things caught our eye upon reading the mystery of the girls in the negatives this past weekend. One shot clearly shows the notch of the Sun just below the twilight horizon. One possible explanation was that the Serpentine stream… Read more →

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Abraham Maslow describes it as a holistic human consciousness that serves as an ends rather than a means to other human beings, other species, and the universe (1971). Studies have shown that transcendence is linked to an informational identity style, which involves greater autonomy, empathy, openness to experience, and introspectiveness. These effects should be exacerbated in unfamiliar situations versus those… Read more →

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Une fois qu’une entreprise a accs un point d’eau, elle en est pratiquement propritaire. Cela est d’autant plus vrai que, sous l’ALENA, une entreprise qui s’estime lse a le droit de poursuivre le gouvernement. Ainsi, si le Qubec souhaitait rduire l’accs d’une entreprise la ressource, elle serait accuse de violer son contrat.. And Pointecouteau, E. And Polenta, G. And Przeau,… Read more →

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Why Pakistanis hate Malala Yousafzai?As we all familiar with Malala Yousafzai’s story. Owing to her tremendous courage and determination she stood up against Taliban, when no one was willing to stand up to them. She has been hailed as feminist icon and admired by the whole world except Pakistan. Most women smoked while using NRT. Women who underutilized NRT did… Read more →

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Chlorpyrifos (CPF) and CPF oxon (CPO) are known to inhibit neurite outgrowth but little is known about their ability to induce neurite retraction in differentiating neuronal cells. The aims of this study were to determine the ability of these compounds to destabilize neurites and to identify the key molecular events involved. N2a cells were induced to differentiate for 20 h… Read more →

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