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Chlorpyrifos (CPF) and CPF oxon (CPO) are known to inhibit neurite outgrowth but little is known about their ability to induce neurite retraction in differentiating neuronal cells. The aims of this study were to determine the ability of these compounds to destabilize neurites and to identify the key molecular events involved. N2a cells were induced to differentiate for 20 h… Read more →

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The sheer atrociousness of Teach Me which makes you feel like you’ve seen something is a lot more impressive than the bound to be more popular The Happy Tree Friends. These cute multicolored animals do violence to each other in six episodes. Frank Kozik rip off misadventures that they are, they aren’t anything new, anything more than truly offensive.. I… Read more →

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Dr Amin Abolvand, an applied physicist, observes the formation of metallic nanoparticles embedded in various media. Mechanical engineer Dr Andrew Pinkerton creates three dimensional parts by fusing metal powders with a laser beam, offering a glimpse into the development of direct manufacturing. The influence of Dr Marc Schmidt and Dr Philip Crouse is less clear but perhaps more appropriately, exists… Read more →