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A repanning method reported here, has experimentally reproduced the majority of the initially discovered silica binders; alongside identifying/ recovering additional peptide sequences HYIDFRW, KIAVIST and YSLKQYQ that may have been overlooked in the routine approach to biopanning. Secondly, an alternative three step elution method reported here, has eluted and recovered most target silica binders including ADIRHIK in the early panning… Read more →

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The flag controversy revolves around the intended meaning of the flag. Clearly, if a state’s flag represents “symbolic speech,” there must be an intent to convey a particular message that is understood by those who view it, in order to invoke First Amendment consideration. Under these conditions, the time, place, and manner of display may be controlled if it can… Read more →

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The supernova, called SN 2001ig, was pinpointed by astronomers in 2002 using the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope (VLT). In 2004, these observations were followed up with the Gemini South Observatory, which first hinted at the presence of a surviving binary companion. Knowing the exact coordinates, Ryder and his team were able to focus Hubble on that location as… Read more →

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