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BPh interactions are highly conserved and provide major constraints on RNA sequence evolution. Here we provide assessment of the energetics of BPh interactions using MP2 computations extrapolated to the complete basis set of atomic orbitals and corrected for higher order electron correlation effects. The reference computations are compared with DFT D and DFT D3 approaches, the SAPT method, and the… Read more →

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Sen. Slade Gorton, who famously supported Nixon’s resignationHigher dose flu vaccine for seniors not available until later than usual this yearWashington House delegation votes strict party line on impeachment resolutionUW College Republicans deemed ‘inappropriate,’ will not be recognized as official chapterSeven months ago, residents locked the city out of their tiny house village. Now, Seattle officials plan to cut its… Read more →

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Gale crater was originally created over 3.6 billion years ago when a gigantic asteroid or comet smashed into Mars. The devastating impact “excavated a basin nearly 100 miles (160 kilometers) wide. Sediments including rocks, sand and silt later filled the basin, some delivered by rivers that flowed in from higher ground surrounding Gale.”. On their first date in mid May,… Read more →

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“We were thinking about what to do next, not necessarily something this big, but I couldn turn down the chance to work with Charlie,” Muirhead said. Jacobson founded the rock and metal focused Relapse Records 25 years ago in his parents basement. Since then, the independent label has since released some 750 albums. The watch itself has very minor hairline… Read more →

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The adjusted risk ratio (aRR) and risk difference (aRD) with 95% confidence interval (CI) in ex footballers compared to the general population were calculated using the marginal model in Stata.Results: Ex footballers were more likely than the comparison group to have current knee pain [aRR 1.91, 95%CI 1.77 2.06], RKOA [aRR 2.21, 95%CI 1.92 2.54] and TKR (aRR 3.61, 95%CI… Read more →

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Put simply, the upper class is more likely than the lower class to be politically involved, which amplifies its political voice relative to that of the lower class. Participatory inequality in national and state politics is stark; however, little academic attention has been paid to how socioeconomic inequality shapes participation in local politics. This honors thesis fills a gap in… Read more →