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Brooklyn, NY July 5, 2018 Attorney General Barbara D. Underwood today announced a settlement requiring Bay Ridge Honda of Brooklyn to reform its business practices and pay over $423,000 in restitution and penalties, after the office received dozens of complaints from New Yorkers about unwanted charges and fraudulent sales tactics that targeted non English speakers. Many of the consumers who… Read more →

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TreatmentAIWS has been found to respond in some cases to various anti epilepsy and anti migraine treatments, and also to beta blockers. However, specific drug therapy has not yet been identified. AIWS and migraine are both stress related, so management of the condition is based on management of stress, and the learning of self help techniques. The pistillate ray flowers… Read more →

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Information from faces and voices combines to provide multimodal signals about a person. Faces and voices may offer redundant, overlapping (backup signals), or complementary information (multiple messages). This article reports two experiments which investigated the extent to which faces and voices deliver concordant information about dimensions of fitness and quality. F. G., Van Der Marel, G. A., Code, J. Grant… Read more →

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In closing arguments, defense attorney Jeffrey Lichtman urged the jury not to believe government witnesses who steal, cheat, deal drugs and kill people. Attorney Richard Donoghue called the conviction victory for the American people who suffered so much while the defendant poured poison over the borders. He expected Guzman to get life without parole.. 1950’sHey pregnant women, take thalidomide for… Read more →

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