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The orbits of Mercury, Earth and Mars compared. Image credit: NASAWant to prove it for yourself? You can indeed ‘observe’ aphelion. The trick is to image the solar disk using the same rig and settings about six months apart. Shurtleff moved to Central Oregon about 14 years ago with a successful construction business Architectural Specialties, Inc., already to his credit.… Read more →

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This thesis examines the inter relationship between face, face work, and cultural values, as they apply to strategic politeness in Korean institutional settings, specifically university contexts. This study also seeks to explore issues of methodology for culture specific politeness research, given that previous researchers either neglected cultural values, which operate sometimes outside of linguistic presentations, or used methods that prevented… Read more →

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The international submarine cable will undergo maintenance from 19:00, March 22. It was down at a location about 125 km away from Hong Kong, disrupting Internet connections from Vietnam to other Asian destinations, according to the State run Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications (VNPT), one of the country’s largest Internet service providers. VNPT said in response to the situation, it has… Read more →

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Sandra Peter: Keith Chen has studied how monkeys and people including Uber drivers react to financial incentives. He has interrogated grammar rules and savings rates and identified that what language you speak inherently makes you a better saver or not. If these seem like widely disparate intellectual domains it’s because Keith is a behavioural economist which kind of makes him… Read more →

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(From left) William Pickering, James Van Allen, and Wernher von Braun hold aloft a mock up of Explorer 1 shortly after launch. (Credit NASA/JPL Caltech).”The Explorer Program has a long and stellar history of deploying truly innovative missions to study some of the most exciting questions in space science,” stated NASA associate administrator for science John Grunsfeld. “With these missions,… Read more →

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