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Recent independent UK government reports and studies have highlighted the importance, but lack, of flock health services provided by veterinarians. Qualitative interviews were analysed by thematic analysis to construct belief statements to understand veterinarians’ opinions on preventative advice and drivers for current services to sheep farmers. A postal questionnaire was sent to 515 sheep practices registered with the Royal College… Read more →

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Have decided to support the government plans to reschedule the agency funding, he said. Had extensive discussion with former US vice president Al Gore about ARENA and was convinced by his arguments in support of this important agency. As a result, the carbon tax repeal will cut the ARENA budget by $435 million and will enact a previously announced deferral… Read more →

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That heart is broken. And then say that the coaches said he was scared. THAT AIN TRUE. Street fighting raged through the heart of Paris today as American and French columns drove into the city from the south amid a tumultuous welcome from hundreds of thousands of Parisians. The Germans, the collaborationist militia and the French Gestapo organization opened fire… Read more →