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Grade 1/2 and grade 2/3 discordant cases showed intermediate survival between grade 1 and grade 2 tumours and grade 2 and grade 3 tumours, respectively. Grade 1/2 discordant cases showed a worse outcome when compared with grade 1 tumours (p=0.008) but no statistical difference was identified when compared with grade 2 tumours. Similarly, grade 2/3 discordant cases showed a significant… Read more →

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Arabs also need to give themselves a larger variety of economic, political and security options, so that they can adapt to changing circumstances. The world is no longer bipolar or Eurocentric. In fact, it is the Westphalian state system itself, not just the postwar geopolitical paradigm, which is being tested by rapid technological, economic and social changes.. A. Evans, E.… Read more →

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Lignans found in flaxseed are considered phytoestrogens. These compounds ‘plug’ into estrogen receptors, blocking stronger forms of the hormone which aggravate ovarian cancer. lignans also act as an antioxidant. L’exercice auquel se livre Clotaire Rapaille, Franais d’origine aujourd’hui install aux tats Unis, n’est toutefois pas nouveau. Publicitaires, spcialistes du marketing et de l’image s’y livrent quotidiennement, que ce soit pour… Read more →

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There are a couple of things lined up in the coming months. You will hear more from me. There is Madhur Bhandarkars upcoming venture titled Madamji with Priyanka Chopra. The investment manager’s report that follows gives a more detailed account of the year, together with a commentary on the investment and portfolio strategy. Gearing The Board continues to monitor the… Read more →

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Background: Long term, low level exposure to toxic elements in soil may be harmful to human health but large longitudinal cohort studies with sufficient follow up time to study these effects are cost prohibitive and impractical. Linkage of routinely collected medical outcome data to systematic surveys of soil quality may offer a viable alternative.Methods: We used the Geochemical Baseline Survey… Read more →

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