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By the 1990s, there were more than 500 recorded biofilters in operation both in Germany and Netherlands with a widespread trend starting in the United States. What is Biofiltration? Biofiltration is essentially an air pollution control technique involving biodegradation of contaminants. These contaminants are biodegraded by microorganisms that are diffused in a thin layer of moisture referred to as biofilm.… Read more →

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Feline gastrointestinal eosinophilic sclerosing fibroplasia (FGESF) is a recently described inflammatory condition of domestic cats with unknown aetiology. A proportion of cases of FGESF are associated with bacteria, but antibiotic treatment is ineffective. It has been hypothesized that genetically predisposed cats may develop FGESF in response to the introduction of bacteria or other antigens into the intestinal wall. Wilson Raybould… Read more →

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When doctors find that they’re out of work because people are healthy, because they’re avoiding prescription drugs, eating healthy foods, and using medicinal plants, we might retrain those doctors to become health coaches. They could go into nursing homes and schools, and be hired as health coaches teaching people how to be healthy. There’s an idea! Why don’t we have… Read more →

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“It is imperative for India to take stock of the state of its universities and redefine their roles in the fast changing global scenario. It is time for India to join ranks with world class universities and improve the academic environment for our students,” the non profit university’s founder, Naveen Jindal, said. Their degrees are awarded by the universities the… Read more →

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Aside from this, Selwyn is always worth reading. He reminds you technology is never neutral but represents value laden sites of unequal power relationships. We’ve all been seduced into accepting technological progress as unquestioningly positive. “It’s not true that most of the girls have left the hostels. The girls have nowhere else to go. In most cases their home districts… Read more →

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Although odor associations were qualitatively different between S and controls, ratings of the consistency of their descriptions did not differ. This demonstrates that crossmodal associations between music and odor exist in non synaesthetes too. We also found that S is better at discriminating between odors than control participants, and is more likely to experience emotion, memories and evaluations triggered by… Read more →

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