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This feasibility study was framed under the notion of creative practices as mutual recovery ” the idea that shared creativity, collective experience and mutual benefit can promote resilience in mental health and well being. The study evaluated the impact of an art based workshop designed to examine participant TMs notions of home. Thematic analysis was used to evaluate the textual… Read more →

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Col Jim Goodson, ‘Eagle’ Squadron Pilot Apart from the RAF, Spitfires also served with most of the allied air forces in the Second World War. Amongst them were the Polish Air Force, Czechoslovak Air Force, Royal Canadian Air Force, Royal Australian Air Force, South African Air Force and Royal New Zealand Air Force. The Spitfire was also one of the… Read more →

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Individuals transporting up to 150 kg of gas (about six jerry cans) are exempted from federal regulations governing the movement of dangerous goods. Drivers facing sky high gas prices are not only filling their tanks stateside, but also filling containers to bring back with them, although one expert said the practice is potentially dangerous because gas is so flammable. To… Read more →

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C., Bruce, D. W., D’Andrea, L., Costen, M. L., Slattery, J. Depression is a serious mental disorder that affects millions of people all over the world. Traditional clinical diagnosis methods are subjective, complicated and need extensive participation of experts. Audio visual automatic depression analysis systems predominantly base their predictions on very brief sequential segments, sometimes as little as one frame.… Read more →

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