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That crew is (however reluctantly) called the Rotation, and it features himself, producer Travis Gorman, Devon Reason, and Finding Novyon. Roland’s been rhyming with Novyon since eighth grade, and the two have an almost innate chemistry that’s showcased on the third track, “Dude,” where the longtime friends brag about women and their prowess on the mic. Balanced by Novyon’s cheeky… Read more →

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“The Apprenticeship program provides an exciting and unique learning experience that directly connects student to the beauty industry by providing exceptional classroom education as well as earning an income in a professional salon setting,” Bowen says. “Students sign up for the class and they come to school one day a week, and then I issue them an apprentice license. So… Read more →

Ray Ban Rb3025 Sunglasses Polarized 58 Size

Forecast for the Southern and lower Mid Willamette Valley including Eugene Springfield and Albany Corvallis: Cloudy with increasing areas of fog and freezing fog early this AM, cloudy in the afternoon, cloudy with patchy evening fog, mostly cloudy with areas of fog late tonight and Wednesday AM, mostly cloudy in the afternoon, mostly cloudy with areas of fog again late… Read more →

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NVIDIA RTX is a brave new feature that has triggered a leap in GPU compute power, just like other killer real time consumer graphics features, such as anti aliasing, programmable shading, and tessellation. It provides a programming model for 3D scenes with ray traced elements that improve realism. RTX introduces several turnkey effects that game developers can implement with specific… Read more →

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Currently shining at magnitude +5.5, Comet Q2 Lovejoy has already been spied by eagle eyed observers unaided from dark sky sites to the south. Astrophotographers have revealed its long majestic dust and ion tails, as well as the greenish hue characteristic of bright comets. That green color isn’t kryptonite, but the fluorescing of diatomic carbon and cyanogen gas shed by… Read more →

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