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Other ideas include banning the marketing and promotion of so called junk foods. That would be easy to implement by outlawing all radio, television and print advertising for these foods. And finally, the most extreme but perhaps most effective measure would be outlawing these ingredients through action at the FDA. Moreover, as prey depletion is common in functional response experiments,… Read more →

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In doing this, I intend to address the overarching question: When, if ever, is it justifiable to discriminate against a demographic based on statistical data, and what are the implications in doing so? The FDA cites other deferred populations, such as intravenous drug users and sex workers, in its MSM ban. Does this conflation of sexual behavior and demographic identity… Read more →

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Whitman’s plan also would expand a 2014 state initiative in which all foster services for a region are transferred to one provider, allowing local communities greater flexibility in how they care for foster children. That approach has shown some positive results in Fort Worth. And in effort to increase the number of foster and adoptive parents, Whitman said he would… Read more →

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As the Latino population throughout Oregon swells and as social services like the public school system largely ignore their needs, a handful of programs have emerged. Much like boxing matches for Irish and Italian immigrants in the 1900s, programs like REACH are trying to serve double duty: as a nucleus for the community and a launching pad for ethnic pride.… Read more →

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Vous savez, mes albums sont des ambassadeurs parfois trompeurs. Les oreilles des auditeurs s’attendent toujours entendre au concert ce qu’ils ont entendu en disque, c’est dire une perfection. Aujourd’hui, vous faites une fausse note en concert et on vous traite de tous les noms! Comme le dit Pierre Boulez, un concert est toujours un miracle, il peut tout s’y produire..… Read more →

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“Certainly that doesn’t give folks confidence in the company’s sustainability plan, if the overall focus is simply on improving communications. Law at the heart of the federal investigations is known as the Lacey Act, passed in 2008. It is widely seen as a pioneering piece of legislation, and one that some say is already having a global impact, including in… Read more →

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Non Singleton Fuzzy Logic Systems (NSFLSs) have the potential to tackle uncertainty within the design of fuzzy systems. The inference process has a major role in determining results, being partly based on the interaction of input and antecedent fuzzy sets (in generating firing levels). Recent studies have shown that the standard technique for determining firing strengths risks substantial information loss… Read more →

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