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The MS dissolution profiles correlated with the visual observation of tablet dissolution. MS gave linear responses with concentration for the individual components, although analysis of the tablet solution indicated that ion suppression is an area for further investigationCONCLUSIONS: An on line MS system was used to determine the individual dissolution profiles of three drugs and lactose as they are released… Read more →

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Personally, I very much doubt this is going to be anything huge. Intelligent people already know NASA has been covering up proof of microbial life since the 1970’s Viking missions when proof of living microbes was validated by the on board gas chromatograph instrument for an experiment designed by Gilbert V. Levin:. The Atlantic Forest of Brazil is highly fragmented… Read more →

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Neurotoxicity is not the only known health risk of fluoride exposure. Consumption of a relatively small amount of fluoride can be deadly just read the warning on any tube of fluoridated toothpaste and long term exposure to fluoridated water has been linked with a form of tooth discoloration called dental fluorosis. Fluoride can also damage the thyroid gland, and a… Read more →

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An Israel based rights organization filed a war crimes complaint against the top leader of the Islamic militant group Hamas at the International Criminal Court today for executing Palestinians without trial during the Gaza war this summer. To shore up energy security, particularly as tensions rise with gas rich Russia over the Ukraine crisis. (Christian Science Monitor). Once this fact… Read more →

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