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The photocatalytic performance of [Dyad 3 pic]OTf in DMF/triethanolamine (5 : 1) is approximately an order of magnitude better than [Dyad 1 pic]PF or [Dyad 2 pic]OTf in turnover frequency and turnover number, reaching a turnover number of 360. The performance of the dyads with Re “Br units is very similar to that of the dyads with [Re “pic] units… Read more →

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“Prostate cancer is one of the few cancers where patients have a choice of therapies, and because of the range of possible side effects, it can be a tough choice,” Nguyen said. “This study says that when penile shortening does occur, it really does affect patients and their quality of life. It’s something we should be discussing up front so… Read more →

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“The protests organized by white supremacists in Charlottesville over the weekend represent a manifestation of hate and bigotry that has unfortunately continued to rise over the past two years in particular; their actions inspired by xenophobic and prejudiced rhetoric and policy. The values of these white supremacists are inherently violent towards communities of color and religious minorities, and such demonstrations… Read more →

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Dates are hard to establish, but may have covered roughly 1750 to 1660 BC.15th and 16th Dynasties (1650 1550 BC)Around 1720 BC, the Hyksos possibly descendants of foreign labourers invited to the country by the 12th Dynasty Pharaoh Amenemhat III captured the Lower Egyptian town of Avaris. The 15th and 16th Dynasties comprised their descendants, and ruled simultaneously, though only… Read more →

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SDGs are a unique opportunity for us. The eradication of extreme poverty is within our grasp. But we still face very major challenges. Since 2010 the plant 2 by 5 mile unlined cooling canal system has been linked to higher phosphorus and ammonia levels in Biscayne Bay and groundwater directly connected to the Biscayne Aquifer. The plant 25 miles south… Read more →

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The constitutional right to privacy does not protect all forms of conduct that are pursued behind closed doors. Adults have no constitutional right to inject intravenous drugs, solicit prostitutes, or view Child Pornography. Nor do members of society have a right to be insulated from every potentially offensive activity. A few years ago only one place (California) had a regulatory… Read more →

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How the K2 mission rescued Kepler. Image credit: NASAThis allowed Kepler to keep working, observing even larger portions of the sky, but its orbit around the Sun would only let it watch one region for a shorter period of time. Instead of scanning Sun like stars, Kepler focused its attention on red dwarf stars, which can have Earth sized worlds… Read more →

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Castellanii trophozoites was measured by RMS for up to 48 hours post infection (hpi). This approach revealed a time dependent uptake pattern of this essential amino acid by A. Castellanii trophozoites during the first 24 hpi with complete enrichment with L Phe(D8) detected in trophozoites at 48 hpi. Each of my training schools I did my best, said the Boise,… Read more →

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And Perotto, L. And Perrotta, F. And Pettorino, V. A wide range of bushmeat species was favoured, but the common species were impala Aepyceros melampus, dik dik Madoqua kirkii and common duiker Sylvicapra grimmia. Availability of alternative sources of animal protein, agricultural production and income had significant influences on poaching. Different forms of poaching were specialist activities largely independent of… Read more →