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$36.5 million in E Rate reimbursements have been collected by districts in Louisiana. Technology updates every six months for the past two years have been released by the state Department of Education. District snapshots and school by school analysis are included in this one. C., Diamond, J., Evans, E. M. Shen, C., 2012Article in IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer… Read more →

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This study investigates the impact of reactive halogen species (RHS, containing chlorine (Cl), bromine (Br) or iodine (I)) on atmospheric chemistry in the tropical troposphere and explores the sensitivity to uncertainties in the fluxes of RHS to the atmosphere and their chemical processing. To do this, the regional chemistry transport model WRF Chem has been extended to include Br and… Read more →

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The warm weather months are “kitten season,” and there are just too many cats to deal with these days.”While these condoms cannot prevent a litter, spaying or neutering does,” says a message on the back of the condom package.It’s all a promotion for the Denver based Alliance’s “Beat The Heat” promotion. The Alliance is marking the first anniversary of its… Read more →

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This study developed a twodimensional (2D) depthaveraged model for morphological changes at natural bends by including a secondary flow correction. The model was tested in two laboratoryscale events. A field study was further adopted to demonstrate the capability of the model in predicting bed deformation at natural bends. This obviously isnt going to be an issue every single night, but… Read more →

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Here’s his statement: “A decade ago, I made a contribution to Representative Chris Cannon because he was the ranking Republican on the House subcommittee that oversaw the Internet and Intellectual Property, matters important to my business and our industry. I accept responsibility for not knowing where he stood on gay rights in particular; I unequivocally support marriage equality and I… Read more →

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They remaking West Side Story, if that counts. I scanned IMDB “Coming Soon” page through 2020 and all I found was a King Richard which is about the Williams sisters father, Richard. :). There are actually many female scientists, but you never see them on TV. Hopefully, I can be an inspiration to girls interested in science. In its 11th… Read more →

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‘Researchers with postmodern goals are focused on examining the assumptions underlying contemporary educational programmes and practices with the ultimate goal of revealing hidden agendas and empowering disenfranchised minorities. Although increasingly evident among researchers with multicultural, gender or political interested, research in the postmodern tradition is rare within the field of educational technology. (Reeves et al 2010: 60). In a previous… Read more →

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Diverging from the extraterrestrial extravaganza, the album’s singles each have their own distinct sound. The jazzy piano of “Ray Charles” brings a funky fresh beat with plenty of blind metaphors and nods to the famed pianist. Add in some gospel background singers, and the track feels like the perfect blend of ’50s soul and modern hip hop. M., Aykroyd, T.,… Read more →