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Readying itself for a fall of 30th anniversary festivities, the old gallery stands affixed in its accolades as the first independent gallery that famed artist P. Buckley Moss selected, a destination for art aficionados and the go to framing experts. In fact, it was during a routine framing appointment with the previous longtime owner John Byers, in which Peterson became… Read more →

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During Tuesday broadcast of Tucker Carlson Tonight, Carlson welcomed on Rubin, a political commentator and podcaster, to discuss the issues surrounding the large fires engulfing the state, including those related to the electrical grid and firefighting methods. “PG strikes me as almost a metaphor for the destruction of the state,” Carlson said about the state power company. An apparenthumpback whale… Read more →

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$36.5 million in E Rate reimbursements have been collected by districts in Louisiana. Technology updates every six months for the past two years have been released by the state Department of Education. District snapshots and school by school analysis are included in this one. C., Diamond, J., Evans, E. M. Shen, C., 2012Article in IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer… Read more →

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This study investigates the impact of reactive halogen species (RHS, containing chlorine (Cl), bromine (Br) or iodine (I)) on atmospheric chemistry in the tropical troposphere and explores the sensitivity to uncertainties in the fluxes of RHS to the atmosphere and their chemical processing. To do this, the regional chemistry transport model WRF Chem has been extended to include Br and… Read more →

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The warm weather months are “kitten season,” and there are just too many cats to deal with these days.”While these condoms cannot prevent a litter, spaying or neutering does,” says a message on the back of the condom package.It’s all a promotion for the Denver based Alliance’s “Beat The Heat” promotion. The Alliance is marking the first anniversary of its… Read more →

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