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This paper presents data from a series of 15 plane strain centrifuge tests in dry sand. The cover to diameter ratio, C/D, of the tunnels ranges between 1.3 and 6.3, thereby including relatively shallow and deep tunnels. The sand relative density varies between 30 and 90%, corresponding to loose and dense soils. Saleen started Steve Saleen’s SMS Supercars in 2008… Read more →

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(NaturalNews) What corporate driven “science” has in mind for the future of humanity is far different from the dreamy utopian landscape that’s been portrayed by the mainstream media. To hear the corporate run media tell it, science is always “good” for humanity. Scientific achievements are always called “advances” and not “setbacks,” even though many of them have proven to be… Read more →

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1. Blue JeansBuy at least one pair of comfortable blue jeans. Versatility is what makes jeans so universally loved. Nonetheless, “the US will be knocking at Turkey’s door” regarding the upcoming moves in Syria, “because it is out of the question to exclude Turkey from the Syria table,” said Erdogan. Turkey “will be both at the table and on the… Read more →

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Moreover, I will also differentiate between the variety of ethnic groups and their most distinctive style practices/materials.At the turn of the twentieth century cloth was a form of currency in West Africa. The term “mokk pocc” a Wolof term that could be translated as ‘self preparation” has a deep significance in Senegal. In this paper I will address “la mode… Read more →

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This translates into an increase in measured fabric permeabilities in multi layer lay ups at given compaction levels. The extent of both interrelated effects increases with increasing yarn density in the fabric and with increasing maximum angle in the shear history. Additional numerical permeability predictions indicated that the increase in permeability may be partially reversed by through thickness fabric compression.… Read more →

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Many landforms have their own distinct colors, telling a complex geological and climatological story that scientists have only just begun to decode. The image resolves details and colors on scales as small as 0.8 miles (1.3 kilometers). The viewer is encouraged to zoom in on the image on a larger screen to fully appreciate the complexity of Pluto’s surface features.… Read more →

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