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The objective of our study was to assess the in vivo BAT temperature responses to acute glucocorticoid administration. Infusions were given in a randomized double blind order.Results: During hydrocortisone infusion, BAT temperature increased both under fasting basal conditions and during AR stimulation. We observed a BAT temperature threshold, which was not exceeded despite maximal AR activation. In order to establish… Read more →

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Good Ol’ Freda is a languid, sweet natured film that profiles this very ordinary woman who was in the middle of a very odd moment in music history. Like most stories about the Beatles, the movie moves chronologically through the familiar storyline young boys from Liverpool catalyzing into a pop phenomenon, their music changing with changing times, and finally going… Read more →

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After discussing his ideas with Henry More, an English theosophist and a member of the Cambridge Platonists, Newton’s interest in alchemy was revived. He then replaced his theory of an ether existing between particles in nature with occult forces, based on Hermetic ideas of attraction and repulsion between particles. This reflected Newton’s ongoing interest in both the alchemical and scientific,… Read more →

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