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But shock diminishes in repetition, and repetition is also a problem in Disney’s full length animated travesty of the Robert Louis Stevenson classic. In the first live action Disney version of Treasure Island, in 1950, Robert Newton gave moviegoers the lasting impression that all pirates say, “Harrrr.” Back then, there was an understanding of how the book worked. Here, we… Read more →

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A story in the Durango Herald has these details:Local governments could forbid marijuana dispensaries by a vote of a city council, county commission or local voters. People with past drug related convictions would be banned for life from running a medical marijuana store. And marijuana edibles could not be consumed inside a dispensary.. By 2012, Browder’s intense lobbying spurred passage… Read more →

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We estimated the incidence of fractures, burns and poisonings by age, sex, socio economic group and calendar period and adjusted incidence rate ratios (IRR) comparing the least and most socio economically deprived areas over time. Estimates of the UK annual burden of injuries and the excess burden attributable to deprivation were derived from incidence rates.RESULTS: The cohort of 979,383 children… Read more →

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Logistic regression was used to adjust effect estimates for age, sex, smoking, alcohol use, and a number of potentially confounding comorbidities and coprescriptions. A total of 18 968 colorectal, 19 082 lung, 21 608 prostate and 29 109 breast cancers were identified. We found no evidence of a protective effect of adrenergic blockade in lung and prostate cancers and found… Read more →

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Right parietal cortex has recently been linked to the temporal resolution of attention. We therefore sought to investigate whether disruption to right parietal cortex would affect attention to visual stimuli presented for brief durations. Participants performed a visual discrimination task before and after 10 minutes rTMS (1Hz) to right or central parietal cortex as well as 20 minutes after the… Read more →

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