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Attending Bay Area Musicals’ production of “The Wedding Singer” felt uncannily like attending an actual wedding everyone in the crowd seemed to know somebody. Perhaps it was just the anomalous feeling that comes with attending opening night, but the environment at San Francisco’s Victoria Theatre was undeniably friendly. With references to iconic songs and films galore, this well executed production… Read more →

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NASA officials said the repair is possible to do in one 33 minute segment, but only if everything goes as planned. Since the damage only occurred recently, Whitson and Tani have not rehearsed the spacewalk in the Neutral Buoyancy Lab in Houston, a giant swimming pool where astronauts train for spacewalks. However, other astronauts on the ground have rehearsed the… Read more →

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In the presence of a quasi static drive, the intermittent dynamics of the interface mimic front propagation in disordered media. Such situations appear in diverse physical systems such as mode I crack propagation, domain wall dynamics in magnets, charge density waves, contact lines in wetting etc. The neighborhood of the interface affected following a local perturbation, on the statistics of… Read more →

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Interview respondents reveal widespread lack of knowledge about the existence of the FCTC and Article 5.3 amongst key policy actors across the institutions. Within the Commission policies vary greatly between Directorates General, and issues surrounding the conceptualisation of the role of Members of the European Parliament affect implementation in that context. Crucially, such guidelines would need to deal explicitly with… Read more →

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