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Beresford Kroeger is coming to Windsor for a book signing and to speak Sunday at St. Clair College Student Life Centre. She is expected to guide community leaders on an invitation only walk through the Ojibway forest Monday and the Windsor International Film Festival is showing Call of the Forest, a film about her work.. Saturday morning her dad says… Read more →

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Bioinformatic and HCVpp infectivity screening of approximately 900 E1E2 clones resulted in the assembly of a panel of 78 functional E1E2 proteins representing distinct HCV genotypes and different stages of infection. These HCV glycoproteins differed markedly in their sensitivity to neutralizing antibodies. We used this panel to predict antibody efficacy against circulating HCV strains, highlighting the likely reason why some… Read more →

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The beam processing is an essential tool that derives the angular response used in all the Planck science papers and we report an improvement in the effective beam window function uncertainty of more than a factor of 10 relative to the 2013 release. Noise correlations introduced by pipeline filtering function are assessed using dedicated simulations. Angular cross power spectra using… Read more →

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GOP wipeout feared as impeachment fever spills over into House and Senate racesIn parallel with the shift in sentiment on impeachment, Trump approval rating has fallen from about 43 percent in September to 40.6 percent today, while his disapproval rating has risen from 52.8 percent to 54.2 percent. These aren huge swings, but the president approval numbers rarely move much… Read more →

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Tractography based on diffusion MRI offers the promise of characterizing many aspects of long distance connectivity in the brain, but requires quantitative validation to assess its strengths and limitations. Here, we evaluate tractography’s ability to estimate the presence and strength of connections between areas of macaque neocortex by comparing its results with published data from retrograde tracer injections. Probabilistic tractography… Read more →

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