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I understand this. Apart from the ease of making digital notes, the tweeting motivation was strong. You don travel all that distance to be invisible.. The approximate facts are by now well known to most people. On 9 February, ex members of JNU’s Democratic Students’ Union, an ultra leftist on campus group that no longer exists officially, organised an event… Read more →

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After 22 weeks, the foetus is developed enough for direct transfusion to be carried out. In the past, the transfusion was given into the peritoneum, the membrane surrounding the intestines and other abdominal organs. With modern ultrasound techniques, the transfusion can be given directly into the foetal circulation. Take action: See a physician as soon as possible; she probably prescribe… Read more →

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Drawing on a triptych of recent cases (Link Lending, Thompson v Foy, Thomas v Clydesdale ) and building on the work of Bogusz in the area, this article locates the emerging, expansive judicial approach to actual occupation in contemporary jurisprudence as demonstrated by court TMs willingness to engage in a vastly more subjective assessment of the intentions, wishes and feelings… Read more →

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