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So you put all of this together, you have a rather interesting combination in Trim Spa. You have ingredients that take up space in your stomach, and thereby suppress your appetite. Those same ingredients also interfere with the absorption of refined carbohydrates, effectively lowering the glycemic index of your meal, which protects you from the insulin spiking effects of dietary… Read more →

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17 British American Tobacco agreed to fully take over Reynolds American in a US$49 billion deal that would create the world largest publicly traded tobacco company. Army intelligence officer Chelsea Manning 35 year sentence for leaking classified information to the anti secrecy website WikiLeaks was commuted by outgoing President Barack Obama to about seven years, including the time she spent… Read more →

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There’s absolutely no good science behind any of the fluoride arguments. Even if they were using genuine natural fluoride, there are no studies that show the ingestion of fluoride decreases the incidence of dental caries in modern society. Yet this myth persists in the dental community, and the American Dental Association stands firmly behind this national poisoning agenda. MIT engineers… Read more →

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Chemoresistance is a major problem in cancer therapy as cancer cells develop mechanisms that counteract the effect of chemotherapeutic compounds, leading to relapse and the development of more aggressive cancers that contribute to poor prognosis and survival rates of treated patients. Cancer stem cells (CSCs) play a key role in this event. Apart from their slow proliferative property, CSCs have… Read more →

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Separate biopsies were histologically scored for inflammation and atrophy using the updated Sydney system. H. Pylori strains were isolated from further biopsies, and the nucleotide sequence upstream of vacA determined. The quality of studies was assessed using tools from the Joanna Briggs Institute.Results: A total of 79 papers were included: 37 RCTs, 22 quasi experimental studies, 7 service evaluations and… Read more →

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