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Analysis of the data suggested that perceptions of fear increased with increasing levels of accident risk, and skin conductance reflected this pattern. Eye movements, when considered alongside reaction times, indicated different patterns of performance according to different dangerous situations. These effects were independent of trait anxiety, which was only associated with higher rates of disliking driving and use of maladaptive… Read more →

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“The friendship was so strong. You can’t describe it. We loved to party together, make music together,” says Jones, smiling. Sharon Day, longtime partner to Reince Priebus at the RNC as his co chair, has been nominated to become Ambassador to Costa Rica, per WH. Ms. Sharon Day most recently served as co chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC),… Read more →

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“The absolutist so called ‘Full Build’ option would be catastrophic to the city,” Worthington said. “It’s outrageous that it was city staff who originally proposed something that AC Transit had never asked for. I think it’s unfair for AC Transit to get the blame. Commenting on the introduction of the book sale into Sri Lanka, the Malaysian Partner of Big… Read more →

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High energy (X 3) solar flare on 13 December 2006. Credit: ESA/NASA/SOHOUnder normal solar conditions, satellites orbit within the magnetosphere the protective magnetic bubble carved out by Earth’s magnetic field. But when solar activity increases, the picture changes significantly: the magnetosphere gets compressed and particles get energized, exposing satellites to higher doses of radiation that can perturb signal reception.. If… Read more →

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“Your product is a great idea. It will save lives. It will save pain and suffering. During an interview for “This Week,” New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly warned that the ruling by a federal judge declaring the way his department carries out its “stop and frisk” policy unconstitutional risked reversing the downward trend of violent crime in New… Read more →

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The present study was designed to examine personality as a moderator for how one experiences acceptance and rejection. College aged participants will be given questions from the Big Five Inventory and then will be asked to rate their responses to different scenarios involving social acceptance and rejection. We will examine how high and low levels of agreeableness, extraversion, and neuroticism… Read more →

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Armstrong will discuss how scaling and growing a company is about recognizing patterns, especially when it comes to fundraising, whether you are seeking early stage venture or growth capital to scale and win your market. As an active career investor, he can provide valuable insight for any entrepreneur into the frameworks they are using to gauge their success.After 20 years… Read more →

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