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Soldier bloggers have dropped offline as a result. Wired noted that the military did say there was “some leeway” in implementation of the regulations. Around the same time, the state Nursing and Midwifery Council took steps to effectively prevent her from working as a registered nurse. She was admitted to hospital in Wagga and Albury on two separate occasions during… Read more →

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Clinton graduated fourth in his class at Hot Springs High School in 1964. He completed a bachelor’s degree in international studies in 1968 and won a Rhodes Scholarship to study at Oxford University, in England. After two years at Oxford, he entered Yale University Law School on a scholarship in 1970. Item Type:ArticleItem Status:Live ArchiveAbstractThis paper presents a method for… Read more →

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All student nurses are allocated clinical placements throughout their three year course, in which to develop their practical skills. Whilst in practice, they are supported by a designated mentor, who is the student’s identified lead for educational support. In this context, mentor support is provided by practitioners, who have undertaken an approved mentor preparation programme, approved by the regulatory body,… Read more →

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At the Gorge, there were people actually giving away tickets near the gate. Perhaps these next generation fans just wanted to get in on what their older brothers and sisters had been talking about all those years. On Sunday morning, still drinking beers, passing a joint and listening to scratchy techno through a boombox with one blown out speaker, saying… Read more →