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Soldier bloggers have dropped offline as a result. Wired noted that the military did say there was “some leeway” in implementation of the regulations. Around the same time, the state Nursing and Midwifery Council took steps to effectively prevent her from working as a registered nurse. She was admitted to hospital in Wagga and Albury on two separate occasions during… Read more →

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When was the last time your doctor actually prescribed “more sunlight?”The bottom line to all of this is that seasonal affective disorder is treated in the same way that many chronic diseases should be treated: that is, relying on nature sunlight, plants, fresh air, clean organic food, regular physical exercise, superfoods, sea vegetables, and living foods. You don’t need anti… Read more →

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This paper is concerned with estimation of the within household infection rate L for a susceptible ‘ infective ‘ recovered epidemic among a population of households, from observation of the early, exponentially growing phase of an epidemic. Specifically, it is assumed that an estimate of the exponential growth rate is available from general data on an emerging epidemic and more… Read more →

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