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However, unintentional perturbation forces can be occasionally applied to the object, resulting in the robot and the object being damaged, for example by being dropped. In this paper we present a novel approach to handover objects in a reliable manner while ensuring the safety of the robot and the object. Relying on tactile sensing, the system uses an effort controller… Read more →

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That year they also merged to form Independent Brewers United (IBU). IBU comes in 6th on this list, behind Deschutes, who Pyramid alone had outsold just last year. The ranking comes not as a result of lower production, but due to newly formed IBU’s acquisition by North American Breweries (Genesee, Labatt USA). He’s hard core. And he’s not alone. Among… Read more →

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Kurzweil was recently hired by Google as its director of engineering. His main project will be to develop a search engine that actually understands the questions people ask it, therefore having the capacity to answer just as a human being would in conversation. The trick to breaching this new threshold is buried beneath several necessary breakthroughs in complex language recognition… Read more →

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He ran for 138 yards and two scores, including the winning, 19 yard touchdown in overtime against Pittsburgh. And Howard did it with a right shoulder that has been sore since the opener. Green Bay, which has employed safeties in inside linebacker roles on defense this season to add athleticism, is 21st against the run.. “And that allowed me to… Read more →

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The vector execution units, or stream processors, is where much of the GPU’s parallel processing happens. Due to the redesigned compute unit, two scalar processors pull two SIMD32 vector units made up of 32 stream processors, each, instead of a single scalar processor pulling four SIMD16 vector units. How is this important? On GCN, the way SIMD units are laid… Read more →