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H. Farmer, T. J., 16 Apr 2019Article in Nature CommunicationsPublication detailsJournalNature CommunicationsDateAccepted/In press 6 Jul 2018DatePublished (current) 30 Jul 2018Volume9Number of pages4Original languageEnglishAbstractSince the 1970s, it has been known that black hole (and other) horizons are truly thermodynamic. In two separate studies, scientists in Spain found that nothing fights radiation damage to micronuclei like a simple garden herb known as… Read more →

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Diagram of an open cycle, gas design for a nuclear thermal rocket engine. Credit: NASAMany of these problems were addressed with the liquid core design, where nuclear fuel is mixed into the liquid hydrogen and allowing the fission reaction to take place in the liquid mixture itself. This design can operate at temperatures above the melting point of the nuclear… Read more →

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3) “Restrictions on city employees” you do not have to pass a law affecting all citizens to hold employees to city policy when they are at work. Supervisors, department directors and city managers simply have to do their jobs to require city employees to adhere to city policies. Those same taxpayers that you are concerned saving money for are the… Read more →

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According to the establishment survey, in February employment rose notably in professional and business services (+73,000), construction (+48,000), health care (+32,000), leisure and hospitality (+24,000), and retail trade (+23,700). Manufacturing gained 14,000 jobs in February. The manufacturing sector has added over half a million jobs over the last 37 months, the most for any such period since 1986. Another thing… Read more →

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The antibiotic pyrrolnitrin (PRN) is a tryptophan derived secondary metabolite that plays an important role in the biocontrol of plant diseases due to its broad spectrum of antimicrobial activities. The PRN biosynthetic gene cluster remains to be characterised in Serratia plymuthica, though it is highly conserved in PRN producing bacteria. To better understand PRN biosynthesis and its regulation in Serratia,… Read more →

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The extent to which such issues are also present in the ed tech field is uncertain. Women are far better represented in educational technology than in most other sectors of the technology industry. But research on the prevalence of sexual harassment in the ed tech sector is scant, and some prominent female voices in educational technology say that discussion of… Read more →

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