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Moral obligations here exist for the boss (but not legal, it not common/possible to have legal financial obligations as a condition for organ donation). Legal obligations for reasonable accommodations exist for the business similar to if the donor had instead not donated and come down with a serious debilitating illness. Should a small business be forced to keep someone on… Read more →

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Cyclists in the Tour de France are endurance specialists. Natural talent, or in response to training) including those important to cycling can be explained by genetic variation. Research into the specific genetic variants that are responsible has identified over 200 genes containing common genetic variants involved in the genetic predisposition to physical performance. Nationwide, health officials are also investigating hundreds… Read more →

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The drugs allegedly included and edibles, concentrates, ADD medication, and some cocaine, the affidavit said. The earlier version of the page was titled Business Transactions. Ex frat member told police that the victim was visiting the fraternity when she saw a topless photo of herself after a member accidentally left his Facebook page logged in, the affidavit said.. Pharmaceutical companies… Read more →

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People, and particularly black people, want the history of the show to be told correctly. Because our history has so often been misrepresented, we’re pretty skeptical. Don’s death added another layer to that skepticism: the way he died. Cigars and pipes differ in design from cigarettes, which are made from tobacco wrapped in thin paper. Cigars are wrapped in tobacco… Read more →

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