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Cyclists in the Tour de France are endurance specialists. Natural talent, or in response to training) including those important to cycling can be explained by genetic variation. Research into the specific genetic variants that are responsible has identified over 200 genes containing common genetic variants involved in the genetic predisposition to physical performance. Nationwide, health officials are also investigating hundreds… Read more →

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Moral obligations here exist for the boss (but not legal, it not common/possible to have legal financial obligations as a condition for organ donation). Legal obligations for reasonable accommodations exist for the business similar to if the donor had instead not donated and come down with a serious debilitating illness. Should a small business be forced to keep someone on… Read more →

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‘Liquid medication’ designation doesn’t mean breast milk won’t be treated as security threat TSA guidelines recognize breast milk as liquid medication, exempting it as a prohibited flying item. It must, however, be “declared to the TSA officer at the beginning of the screening process,” something Moberg routinely does. These same rules also allow for TSA screeners to test breast milk… Read more →

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Wade, A. R., 1 Sep 2018Article in Investigative ophthalmology visual scienceSteady State Contrast Response Functions Provide a Sensitive and Objective Index of Amblyopic DeficitsBaker, D. H., Simard, M., Saint Amour, D. So they had a real incentive not to speak French. A main goal of this program is to acknowledge that history, and also say we can move forward with… Read more →