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As a young man, Joseph worked for the British diplomatic service. When the First World War ended, he found himself stationed in the Dutch East Indies. Here he met and married a Dutch woman, Cornelia Bisschop. To put it bluntly, advertising to children under the age of seven or eight is electronic child abuse. The initiative pledges to promote healthy… Read more →

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And Oki, T. And Pavlick, R. And Schmid, E. 1920s Fashion Design and Apparel StylesThe First World War changed how women were perceived in society because constraints were removed, and they began to experiment more with clothing styles and a radical change soon emerged. Dresses with long trains became outdated and gave way to above the knee dresses and pinafores.… Read more →

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The increase reflects the challenges in the week old response to the mudslide that includes both a painstaking ground searchas well as road building to reopen an east west route through the site. These efforts are organized both fromthe Arlington command hub west of the slide area and a Darrington hub to the east, where volunteers from the community insisted… Read more →

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Eight months after emerging victorious from the fight over his first Supreme Court nominee, Sonia “Wise Latina” Sotomayor, President Obama is gearing up for Round 2. Party bigwigs and advocacy groups are clambering to anoint a successor to Justice John Paul Stevens, the leading liberal on the bench and a 35 year veteran of the top court, who announced last… Read more →

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