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We propose that the challenges facing administrative bodies in the UK including the CMA can be understood as possessing three key dimensions: internal organisation issues; external coordination issues; and substantive legal issues. We argue that, in many instances, these three dimensions will be in tension which each other. That is to say, the reality of reforming administration post Brexit will… Read more →

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Il s’agit de mon livre de chevet. Je dois l’avoir lu 95 fois. Il s’agit de pomes de l’humoriste et comdien Bo Burnham. In 2017, UCLA first piloted what was later rebranded as the STAND Program. Since then, UCLA students have had free access to online therapy, personalized treatment, and a tracking system to help students monitor and assess their… Read more →

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This research paper presents partial findings of a doctoral research into approaching urban resilience in post conflict settings using Iraq as a case study. The literature in this area points out that understanding regulatory frameworks of urban management is important for approaching resilience through sector specific reconstruction in post conflict cities, and as a framework within which the enablement of… Read more →

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As a young man, Joseph worked for the British diplomatic service. When the First World War ended, he found himself stationed in the Dutch East Indies. Here he met and married a Dutch woman, Cornelia Bisschop. To put it bluntly, advertising to children under the age of seven or eight is electronic child abuse. The initiative pledges to promote healthy… Read more →

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And Oki, T. And Pavlick, R. And Schmid, E. 1920s Fashion Design and Apparel StylesThe First World War changed how women were perceived in society because constraints were removed, and they began to experiment more with clothing styles and a radical change soon emerged. Dresses with long trains became outdated and gave way to above the knee dresses and pinafores.… Read more →