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Zhang, L., 15 Jan 2019Article in LIQUID CRYSTALSPublication detailsJournalCHEMICAL RECORDDateE pub ahead of print 17 Apr 2018Volume18Number of pages10Original languageEnglishAbstractArguably the most active area in liquid crystal research presently, the twistbend modulated nematic phase (TB) exhibits a nanoscale helical structure and therefore exhibits bulk chirality despite being formed of typically achiral materials. After a short introduction we address the structureproperty… Read more →

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From Nassau County to Long Island’s east end, local farms have amazing corn mazes, ghostly moonlight walks and fun house mazes with screams around every turn. Long Island has Halloween mazes for everyone to enjoy. Bring the whole family this fall season and enjoy kid friendly corn mazes where the little ones can experience the adventure with the whole family,… Read more →

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Hooper admits, this conclusion relies on two assumptions first, that a highly advanced civilization will attempt to maximize its access to usable energy; and second, that our current understanding of dark energy and the future expansion of our Universe is approximately correct. With this in mind, Dr. Hooper attempted to calculate which stars could be harvested using Dyson Spheres and… Read more →