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As the common law rule developed, it acquired a number of tests for determining admissibility. To be admissible, the statements must relate, explain, or characterize an event or transaction. They must be natural statements growing out of the event, as opposed to a narrative of a past, completed affair. This literally happened to my grandmother TODAY. I happened to be… Read more →

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Research has demonstrated that use of texting slang (textisms) when text messaging does not appear to impact negatively on children’s literacy outcomes and may even benefit children’s spelling attainment. However, less attention has been paid to the impact of text messaging on the development of children’s and young people’s understanding of grammar. This study therefore examined the interrelationships between children’s… Read more →

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Resin swelling in mixed solvents analysed using Hansen solubility parameter spaceRan, Y., Byrne, F., Ingram, I. D. V. In the following year, it was included in Johann Bayer’s famed celestial map, Uranometria. It is comprised of only 3 main stars, but contains 44 Bayer/Flamsteed designated members. Of its main stars, Alpha Comae Berenices (aka. “This “second yellow card” occurs also… Read more →

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The report will form a contribution to exhibition design knowledge through wider distribution via the University of Lincoln and FLOWS websites and a conference presentation.Additional Information:This study was commissioned as part of Lincolnshire County Council’s FLOWS ‘2B’ Information and Symbols Project and UK match funding for this particular FLOWS Project has been provided by East Midlands Development Agency. The aim… Read more →

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This sparked the question of whether it was worth spending millions of pounds to eliminate coca production and reduce trafficking and the explanations in this research conclude that there still has to be efforts in order to control the trade otherwise it would be even worse without the risk of any punishments and consequences. This study uses limited qualitative interviews… Read more →

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Experimental, predicted and calculated NMR chemical shifts for the amino protons and alpha , beta and carbonyl carbon atoms of the dehydrated residues are consistent with a significant charge redistribution. The new parameters are used to perform the first molecular dynamics simulations of nisin, a widely used but poorly understood lantibiotic, in an aqueous environment and in a phospholipid bilayer.… Read more →