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In contrast, veterinary surgeons described broad confidence in the safety and efficacy of prescription preventative medicines and described protection of pet health as a strong motivator for their use. Several expressed some concern about being seen to sell products, which may present a barrier to their advocacy. Veterinary surgeons were unsure about owners TM level of understanding of the necessity… Read more →

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WATCH: ACLU Executive Director Anthony D. Romero coming out of the court where the ACLU just argued and won block of Trump’s Muslim ban. The judge asked repeated questions of the federal prosecutors charged with defending the executive order, but they were unable to provide numbers of people who were facing the prospect of returning to a country where there… Read more →

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When KSTP anchor Cyndy Brucato returned to the Hubbard owned KSTP TV in late 2004, many Twin Citians didn’t greet her smiling visage enthusiastically. In fact, the highway billboard of her giant head, cocked ever so slightly to appear compassionate, became the focus of spray paint fantasies on the now defunct Slanderous Minneapolis blog. But no amount of graffiti mustaches… Read more →

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This dependence is stronger for the smallest subhaloes, which are more clustered in the highest resolution, due to the detection of subhaloes within subhaloes (the sub subhalo term). This effect modifies the mass dependence of clustering in the highest resolutions. We discuss implications of our results for models of subhalo clustering and their relation with galaxy clustering.. And yet, we… Read more →

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Universities should facilitate access by granting more fee waivers for asylum seekers. Some in the UK are already doing this, but more participation in such schemes is needed. Further education colleges and refugee support groups should also ensure that accurate advice on higher education rights and entitlements is available to young asylum seekers and refugees.. Nevertheless, Hezbollah is reaping propaganda… Read more →

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To kick start Blu Day celebrations, nearly 40 Blu bartenders from Sydney to Cebu, Shanghai to Hyderabad, got creative and experimented behind their bars to compete head to head to mix a cocktail reflective of the brand iconic, contemporary and sophisticated style. All vying for the ultimate reward of seeing their own creations added to the Blu Signature Drinks menu… Read more →

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