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The third model is a three dimensional nonlinear FE model. This model considers the post cracking behaviour of concrete as well as concrete shrinkage and the time of prestress releasing. A new expression from the analytical model is developed to estimate the transmission length as well as the stress distribution along the tendon. It was early fall when I found… Read more →

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Watson Davis’ wisecracking monster wasn’t unique. He was one of many comically inclined horror hosts who became popular regional TV personalities from the ’50s through the ’70s. According to John Hudgens, who directed American Scary, a documentary about the horror host phenomenon, it all began with “Vampira,” a pale skinned gorgon immortalized by Ed Wood in his infamously incompetent film… Read more →

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Birth control A euphemism for CONTRACEPTION. Behavioural methods include abstention from copulation, the so called method which takes advantage of less fertile phases of the menstrual cycle, coitus interruptus. Other methods involve the use of contraceptive devices, hormonal treatment and sterilization. UVB rays cause sunburns, wrinkling and skin cancer. UVA rays cause tanning, but unfortunately, they also cause wrinkling and… Read more →

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They get shunned at best, often effectively exiled from the party. Just not supporting Dear Leader, despite how bad a conservative Trump even is, is grounds for being called a RINO. Comey, Muller, etc. Here’s when demolition of iconic Derby department store is due to startIt’s a key part of the regeneration of BecketwellGet the biggest Daily stories by emailSubscribe… Read more →