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Paul Caron Former State Rep. Rosemary Sandlin Former Mayor of Holyoke and former State Senator Martin Dunn Springfield City Council President Michael Fenton Springfield City Councillor Tim Rooke Springfield City Councillor E. Henry Twiggs Springfield City Councillor Ken Shea Springfield City Councillor Bud Williams Springfield City Councillor Thomas M. The child develops odd, repetitive hand movements and hyperventilation, and eventually… Read more →

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Bioinformatic analysis of a 17 gene signature identified and validated in primary MLLr cells, uncovered immunomodulatory pathways, hubs and protein interactions as potential transducers of low dose salinomycin treatment. Additionally, increased protein expression of p62/Sqstm1, encoded for by one of the 17 signature genes, demonstrates a role for salinomycin in aggresome/vesicle formation indicative of an autophagic response.Together, the data support… Read more →

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We used event related potentials (ERPs) and time frequency (TF) analysis to examine the time course of object processing while participants performed either a grammatical gender classification task (which generally forces basic level categorization) or a living/non living judgement (superordinate categorization) on everyday, real life objects. Objects were filtered to contain only HSF or LSF. We found a greater positivity… Read more →

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After 18 months, the Armstrongs moved to Edwards Air Force Base in California where he began working for the NACA’s High Speed Flight Station. While there, he flew multiple experimental aircraft, including the Bell X 1B, the T 33 Shooting Star, the Lockheed F 104, and the North American X 15. He also met legendary test pilot Chuck Yeager, and… Read more →

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Is growing evidence that the fastest spinning pulsars tend to have the steepest spectra, he said. LOFAR searches are more sensitive to these steep spectrum radio pulsars, we may find that even faster pulsars do, in fact, exist and have been missed by surveys at higher frequencies. With many other areas of astronomical research, improvements in instrumentation and methodology are… Read more →

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These fans could be implemented in the aerospace industry as they do not suffer from the same reliability issues as traditional FFCS’s. Detailed thermal results indicating the effective piezoelectric fan cooling range together with the overall cooling effectiveness over a traditional vertical straight finned heat sink (unit cell) , operating under different operating conditions are also presented. Furthermore, the fin/fan… Read more →

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De Verenigde Staten van Amerika (“VS,” “USA,” “Verenigde Staten,” “Amerika”) is een groot land in het midden van Noord Amerika. Van de VS maakt ook een aantal eilanden in de Stille Oceaan deel uit, met name rondom en onderdeel van de staat Hawaii en een Caribisch gebied dat geen onderdeel van het land is, Puerto Rico). Een van de grootste,… Read more →

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