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“I think it’s very important. I do it on the field some. Sometimes it’s tough when I’m calling the plays. Although previous results showed the practical potential, this framework fails if no visual marker is available, if identical markers are at multiple locations, and if markers are light emitting signs. To overcome these shortcomings, this paper presents an improved method… Read more →

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The findings may raise questions about whether the ban is broad enough. CNN has learned that, through a series of tests conducted late last year, the FBI determined the laptop bombs would be far more difficult for airport screeners to detect than previous versions terrorist groups have produced. The FBI testing focused on specific models of screening machines that are… Read more →

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Did you know that the 10 biggest pharmaceutical companies spent over $84 billion dollars in 2005 for marketing and administration? But the same 10 companies spent $42 billion on research. Clearly, selling drugs is more important than developing new (life saving) medications. Carlson says, “drug companies do not put any attention on the waste of resources due to poor management… Read more →