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With the influx of new users joining Reddit every day, we need to discuss the severity of spreading misinformation on BGCr. Any and all unsubstantiated claims will be researched by the moderation team and removed if there are no claims found to back up this evidence. Always provide a source. Drastic MeasuresMacromastia, the state of having disproportionally large breasts, is… Read more →

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Background: Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) have a therapeutic potential for the treatment of osteoarthritic (OA) joint pathology and pain. The aims of this study were to determine the influence of a passage number on the effects of MSCs on pain behaviour and cartilage and bone features in a rodent model of OA.Methods: Rats underwent either medial meniscal transection (MNX) or… Read more →

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By the 1840s, the electric telegraph was a long time coming. Optical telegraphs had been in operation for at least two generations and a series of scientific advancements had gradually created the technology needed for transmitting signals over electromagnetic wires. Morse, a fine arts professor turned scientist, was ready to inaugurate the system he had perfected with the aid of… Read more →

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The featured attraction was a documentary by veteran Colorado newsman Steffan Tubbs on post traumatic stress disorder, known by the acronym PTSD.Tubbs is the executive producer and director and producer of The Cross Generational Battle With PTSD. Fully understand how serious this issue is and how important it is for us to focus on effective mental health treatments for our… Read more →

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It not surprising that the Whole30 diet has a diehard following. Since 2009, the 30 day elimination diet cuts out alcohol, sugar, legumes, grains, dairy, and all processed foods helped followers lose weight, up their energy levels, and identify the problem foods that make them feel meh. But like any ultra restrictive diet, Whole30 falls short on multiple fronts. “I… Read more →

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9 othersReid, C. M., Oxley, J., McFarlane, J., Robinson, M. C., Adolfsson, J., Zietman, A., Baum, M., Koupparis, A. Construction will be staged. A portion of the new bridge will be built on the east side while traffic is maintained on the existing bridge. Traffic will then shift onto the new bridge portion, while the existing bridge is demolished and… Read more →

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Unlike previous generations however, Microsoft delivered multiple CPU/GPU options with Surface Pro 3. The device price range extends both lower and higher than any prior iteration. While the original Surface Pro launched at $899 and $999, the second version offered increased storage options that drove the max price up to $1799. The weekend, Rootstrikers blasted out an email urging people… Read more →